The idea of social enterprise appeared in the context of social problems. Where Poverty is hunger. Poverty is the lack of a shelter. Poverty is being ill and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not having access to education and not being able to read. Poverty is not having a job and being afraid of the future.
The transition to a market economy in Albania has hit more social groups, which lose their jobs, professions, pensions, children’s education etc. The organisation began its study in the poorest region of the country, where 1400 women and girls lose their profession, some of them are without pension and live in extreme poverty. We did not have, we need more resources to solve these social challenges. We needed new ideas to make the right change. This change of society of social inequality can be done by the social enterprise with new innovative ideas and new products.

The Association “National for Integration, Development and Assistence of  People in need” is a humanitarian association, non-profit, non-governmental association  established in 2010, by Decision of the Judicial District Court of Tirana, No. 19/1, Tax No. L11416453F

Our Vision

Connects social innovation with business innovation, as social innovation generates ideas to better understand the needs of people, to solve them.

Our Mission

To make social change for the integration of people in need, for a sustainable development, social equality and change of the addressed problem.